30 days to family® replication program

30 Days to Family® Program overview

30 Days to Family® is a short-term intervention to diligently search for and notify a child’s relatives and kin to identify potential placement options and supports. 

The initial search is for parents, grandparents, siblings, and aunts & uncles, but the goal is to identify 80 additional family members. Because placements can be fragile, the goal is to identify one primary relative/kinship placement provider and two others as potential back-up placement options. A robust support plan, incorporating all interested family members, is solidified to promote placement stability. Maternal and paternal relatives are explored with equal interest, as well as all other individuals important to the family. In all cases, every effort is made to search for relatives and kin who will keep siblings together, maintain children in their school of origin, and preserve the child’s important relationships with friends and supportive adults.

Armed with the philosophy that all families include members who are willing and able to care for children, as well as the knowledge that research has shown youth living with relatives while in foster care can lead to improved outcomes, 30 Days to Family® is relentless in its search for relatives of children in care.

Training and replication

For more information on 30 Days to Family® Program Replication, please contact Melanie Moredock, Director of Program Replication, at 314.367.8373.