We received our Certificate of Incorporation from the Missouri Secretary of State on the 4th day of December 2019.

About Us

Our Vision

A child welfare system that is kind, efficient, collaborative, evidence-based and centered on children & family well-being.

Our Mission

We support child serving agencies to scale proven solutions, work together, and bridge gaps in policy and practice.

Our History

The idea for the Institute originated with the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, a St. Louis-based organization helping children in foster care find permanency. For eight years, the Coalition’s 30 Days to Family® program had successfully placed kids with families, with substantial cost savings to the state. As sites across the nation expressed interest in replicating the program, the opportunity for scale outgrew the Coalition’s mission to serve families in St. Louis. Thus, the Institute was developed as a way to offer subject matter expertise to government and non-governmental entities interested in replicating and scaling programs that positively impact children’s lives.

in the News

Institute for Child Welfare Innovation Launched in St Louis with $1.4 Million grant


December 04, 2019 – St. Louis, Missouri – Ian Forber-Pratt, a Distinguished Alumnus from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis and a graduate from Principia College, and his team have received a grant from a private donor to formally launch the Institute for Child Welfare Innovation.

ian and his journey


In an interview with The Chronicle of Social Change, Ian Forber-Pratt, Executive Director of The Institute for Child Welfare Innovation, shares his journey of launching the Institute as a spin-off organization from Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.

30 days to family® on global level


The 30 Days to Family® program is indexed in The Better Care Network, an international network of organizations committed to supporting children without adequate family care around the world.